The reason, therefore goes the rumour, is that along with his imminent return to activity because TripleH made it clear to WWE management he did not believe Edge was a massive enough star to be battling with Triple H.

Typically you’d argue that this is just over imaginative fans WWE Champions Hack building a story out of nothing but given that the murky beyond Triple H and his sabotaging of different wrestlers pushes up the ladder can we be quick to dismiss it?

When Triple H came back in the Autumn of 2005 after taking time out it had been expected he would reunite on fire and as a fan favorite to loosen his character which appeared to be the situation, until just a couple of weeks in he had been back to the exact kind of heel character he’d played for a long time.

Triple H’s return took in a couple of ordinary gimmick matches against the past it Ric Flair and a lame feud with The Big Show, but even though both were inferior feuds many put down this to Triple H’s competitions rather than the King of Kings. Edge ended of his feud with Matt Hardy having a top excellent steel cage combat and also a marginally disappointing ladder game but overall that the feud was very interesting.

On the night Edge was supposed to take up competition with TripleH’s recent sparring partner Ric Flair, Edge surprised every one by cashing in his money in the bank title taken straight after John Cena had defended the name in an elimination chamber, within 30 seconds Edge was the champion.

For many weeks that the ratings soared on with Edge as champ no matter how the reign was temporary and Cena relieved Edge of this name in rematch at the Royal Rumble. This really is the point where the first whispers of Triple H’s interference seemed. There was talk that W we were considering putting Edge at the primary event at Wrestlemania against Triple H as champ or like a fellow challenger in a triple-threat competition but Triple H wasn’t interested in the theory and did not consider Edge a severe major eventer.

Triple H went onto meet Cena at Wrestlemania and the 2 put up a nice work but hardly anything special but in Backlash Edge was added to the mixture. All 3 men had chemistry on the microphone before the event and the match was pretty great, Triple H’s earliest genuinely good attempt since his return from the Fall.

Was TripleH now back to his best? Right after Backlash TripleH did everything the fans had expected for his return and also proceeded babyface bringing with it that the yield of Degeneration X. Regrettably it was a false dawn for Triple H’s return into caliber.

A poor feud together with the Spirit Squad and a handful of entertaining gimmick matches against the Mcmahons revealed modest. It was starting to seem like TripleH needed a gimmick to put on a great show. Finally the chance for caliber games came along with the cooperation of Randy Orton and Edge, two guys who more than capable of having great games.

Regrettably once more the games failed to live up to expectations but there also seemed more to the feud than appeared for the naked eye. It is WWE’s opportunity to acquire Edge and Orton over time by beating or even destroying the legendary DX, but what occurred was that the opposite it was Edge and Orton who where destroyed in their ultimate meeting. The feud has been completed their thanks to Triple H’s accident but it is doubtful Edge and Orton would’ve turned the tide on DX.

Back rumors surfaced that Triple H was the person who refused to place their younger competitions over but this is unproven and the debate does have faults, one being Randy Orton can be a fantastic friend of Triple H accordingly he had no reason to put up Orton back. Also Michaels is no stranger to refusing to put people over perhaps it had been him and never The Sport who chose not to loose the feud. Then again maybe, though a strange choice, it was WWE’s plan of the feud all together.

If the rumors are true why could TripleH need Edge held-back? Whether he likes Edge being an individual or not believe, surely TripleH is able to see the huge potential of a feud between them both, let’s face it Edge v TripleH would make a far better Wrestlemania main event compared to ones we’ve had in recent years and also the two have good chemistry on the microphone together as emphasized by there brief feud from the build up to back lash. Also Edge is presently a recognized principal eventer therefore what would be the idea rather than needing Edge on his series.

There are those that will say Triple H sees Edge like a threat, he is younger, so amazing on the microphone, attractive and also a fantastic in ring actress, which is something TripleH has struggled with in recent times, but for all that in my opinion there’s another reason behind Edge’s move to Smackdown. The injury catastrophe on Smackdown no doubt speeded the process but I believe his movement was inevitable. For Edge to remain a main eventer it had been easier to provide him the buckle on Smackdown and allow Triple H to come back and feud with Cena on the Raw version.

My final thought is this, I am not saying Triple H played no role in Edge’s move but do not be surprised if both men are headlining against eachother in next years Wrestlemania.